For breakfast in bed, a TV set or a table set in the garden , the tray is the perfect accessory nomadic meal. Seizures in the heart of a plastic resin , cotton fabrics Tissage de Luz keep color and finesse. Tissage de Luz trays maintain a simple sponge .
Available in several size

Discover the range of Tissage de Luz home furnishings with collections of acrylic and cotton trays. An elegant tray for serving food and drinks on all occasions is a must-have. Tissage de Luz trays are versatile and attractive and come in a variety of colours in both small or large size for serving drinks indoors and out, or breakfast in bed. To bring a touch of elegance to your interior, display your tray with an attractive set of whisky or stemmed glasses. Opt for a stylish decor with Tissage de Luz Basque trays.

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€30.00 - €60.00