Coated tablecloth

The coated fabric Tissage de Luz are the allies of your daily life. They can be cleaned with soapy sponge . Our coating keeps the flexibility of the fabric , while respecting the finesse of raster son . Non-sticky and very good , it resists the tasks of daily life.

coated tablecloth is a tablecloth that has been covered with several fine layers of acrylic.  Very easy to care for, our coated tablecloths are fully water resistant and, as a result, also repel stains. These highly practical tablecloths easily match your cutlery, your place settings, your entire set of table linen and your interior decoration.  Ideal in the kitchen or the dining room, the Tissage de Luz coated tablecloth will also look great covering your garden table. Tissage de Luz coated tablecloths are cheerful and brightly coloured, and the fine finish on their coating is so good that the beauty of the fabric and the stripes that are typically associated with Basque fabrics is completely preserved.  A sponge covered with soap and water is all it takes for the tablecloth to maintain its beauty, its flexibility, and the vividness of its colours. Our coated tablecloths, more commonly known as “oilcloth", are available in three different formats.

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€60.00 - €105.00