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The Andoni throw in Arles merino wool is simply sublime. Its powdery tones echo the Basque beaches. The cream, beige, sky, navy and blue stripes vibrate in unison, echoing the surf of the Atlantic Ocean. Its incomparable softness and warmth will make it your winter ally.

The finest wool in Europe, Arles merino wool offers great qualities of warmth and comfort. The particularity of Arles Merino wool lies in the fact that this breed has long been selected to produce a fine wool, devoid of jars. The jarre is a coarse fibre that grows on certain breeds of sheep. This fibre is mixed with the wool and makes it irritating to the skin. Arles merino wool does not have any, so this blanket is particularly soft. Throw made in France.

Dimensions: 125 x 150 cm

Our throws are best cleaned in a dry cleaner's.

Our throws can be dry-cleaned. For a normal use, a cleaning once a year is sufficient for a perfect hygiene. If you make an intensive use of your throw we invite you to shake it regularly, to aerate it and if necessary to brush it slightly using a soft rubber brush, specifically designed for delicate textiles.

Natural fibres do not attract dust, nor retain it and absorb very few greasy substances.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that “organic” named dry cleaners do not use dry-cleaning but a cleaning involving water to allow the detergent to operate. This step is followed by a machine dryer which would have an irreversible felting effect on your throw. It is therefore essential to show the care label (sewn on the item’s side) to your dry cleaner in order to make sure that your pillows will be carefully treated ?

Composition: 100% merino wool from Arles (in france)

Weight: 900 g

Size (in cm): 125 x 150  

Entirely made in France: raw material, dyeing and weaving.