Georges Rouge curtain


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Ready to install eyelet curtain. Width 180cm x 300cm long. 

Comes with an iron-on strip to adjust to the desired length. 

Dry cleaning recommended.

Decorating tip: use curtains with side strips when your ceilings are low and prefer light curtains to dark ones when your room is dark. Tissage de Luz curtains are not only available in a wide range of colours, they are also long. Thanks to the iron-on strips supplied with these curtains, you can adjust their length in a flash. 

All our fabrics are made ​​from environmentally friendly natural fibres and dyes. They are "raw", which means that they are delivered as they fall from the loom, without primer. During the first wash, we observe a natural shrinkage in the direction of the length of about 10 %, which is why our tablecloths are sold longer than their final size.


During the first wash, we observe a natural shrinkage in the direction of the length of about 10 %, this is why we recommend dry cleaning.


For better ironing, dampen your linen and use a hot iron

Length 300 cm, iron-on tape to adjust length

Chiberta, Miramar, Granada, Salvador, Belle ile en Mer and Rhune collections are 180cm wide.

The other colours are 160cm wide.

Our curtains are 100% cotton, except for the Yvonne, Maïté, Eugénie and Pierre collections: 60% cotton, 40% linen

Our curtains have dark grey eyelets with a diameter of 40 mm.

Made in France 

Georges Rouge Collection

The latest addition to the Archives collection, which reinterprets our iconic family designs, is Georges, a small graphic tile inspired by the canvases woven by our grandfather Felix in the 1930s. This pattern, which was used in the past for clothing, has now found its place in decoration.

Available in three colours, black, blue and red, Georges is a capsule collection within which exceptional products have been developed, such as Japanese aprons with crossed backs or cushions with cushions with airy ruffles.

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Georges Rouge