Cotton and Linen by the Meter Pierre Vert

(€41.67 / m)

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Superb linen and cotton twill fabric from the Pierre Vert collection

Twill weave, herringbone cotton (60%) and linen (40%). To match the whole Pierre Vert collection for a neat decoration.

Width 175 cm.

For all garments, we advise you to take 8% more fabric. Indeed, during the first wash, we observe a natural shrinkage in the length direction.

Please read the care instructions before using or washing the fabric. 

Pierre Vert Collection

The new Pierre collection, woven in a cotton and linen blend, is recognisable by its fresh and well-cared-for plant tones. This subtle model plays the elegance card thanks to its fine weft yarns and elegant jacquard patterns. A nod to our textile archives dating from the first half of the 20th century, it marks a new Pierre stage in the history of the Tissage de Luz collections.

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Pierre Vert